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Is it legal to homeschool in Texas?

Texas is one of the friendliest to homeschoolers in our country. We are able to homeschool with no oversight as we are considered private schools. We are not required to test, send in grades or attendance, use a particular curriculum, or even let the state know we are homeschooling (that is if you begin homeschooling from the beginning.) Texas law states that students are exempt from the compulsory law if they attend a private or parochial school that includes a course in good citizenship. After homeschoolers sued the school districts and the TEA (Texas Education Agency) in the state of Texas, the Texas Supreme Court stated:

“a school-age child residing in the State of Texas who is pursuing under the direction of a parent or parents or one standing in parental authority in or through the child’s home

  • in a bona fide (good faith, not a sham or subterfuge) manner,
  • a curriculum consisting of books, workbooks, other written materials, including that which appears on an electronic screen of either a computer or video tape monitor, or any combination of the preceding from cither (1) of a private or parochial school which exists apart from the child’s home or (2) which has been developed or obtained from any source,
  • said curriculum designed to meet basic education goals of reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics and a study of good citizenship, is in attendance upon a private or parochial school within the meaning of Section 21.033(a)(l) of the Texas Education Code and exempt from the requirements of compulsory attendance at a public school.”



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What About Graduation?

One of the many fun aspects of homeschooling is that you get to decide what constitutes graduation for your homeschooler. Our family has experienced a few ways including a couple children who were not interested in a graduation ceremony at all. Our first two chose to have a small party at our home that included samples of their high school work, a blessing by their father and speeches given by them. Another child chose to use their Marine Corps boot camp graduation as their ceremony. There are four left and the field is wide open. I can’t wait to see what they will choose to do. A Board Member’s son chose to go spend the money he would on a graduation ceremony to take a trip instead. Creative!

Further, there are co-ops, support groups, university model schools and even a few parents that will get together to create graduations. Texas Home Educators and NTHEN both hold graduations. AHSR is considering offering a graduation in 2023.


How To Begin Homeschooling

If your child has never been in school, you simply continue to teach him as you always have by offering him more opportunities to grow. Learning is not limited to the schoolroom. 

If your child is currently in public school, follow these steps.

Call For More Information


Email us for specific information


Send a Letter of Intent to Homeschool to your child’s Principal and the Registrar with a Return Receipt requested. Just in case.


Return all the books and school supplies. Gather all your personal belongings.


Settle all accounts due with the school and request your child’s records. 


Take time to unschool and learn how to thrive in your new normal. Practice good habit training and have fun.



Academic Departments

Look here for tips on how to teach each subject. Keep checking back as we add more content.


Reading & Writing

From learning their first letter to writing an essay for the SAT, reading and writing is a necessity in today’s society. 


Each year, there are more advances made in mathematics. Even if your child is not a mathematician, learning the basics is a must.


They said space was the final frontier, but we are only beginning to expolore the sea.


Not just dates and events, history is full of people just like us wanting to live a good life.

Extra Curricular Programs

Homeschoolers in Texas have a plethora of resources available to them.



We have choirs, bands, private tutors and even schools dedicated to bringing out the music in your child.

Math & Science

From 4-H and the Civil Air Patrol to Lockheed to legos to robotics, you can find just about everything you need.


Football, basketball, baseball, cheerleading, tennis, volleyball and more.

Art & Design

Many businesses are looking for strong artists. One of these resources might be the key.