Welcome to Arlington Home School Resource! We are glad you have come to visit.

We are a group of homeschoolers in the Metroplex that love homeschooling, our children and the relationships we have made. We want to connect homeschoolers to each other and the resources you need to raise your children well.

Our merry band consists of Rodney and Elizabeth Priebe who have been homeschooling for 28 years. All their children have been homeschooled from the beginning. They have 10 children and they live on a little farm in Mansfield. They milk their zebu cow, gather eggs from their chickens, occasionally steal honey from their bees, fix vehicles and work on finding you the best resources they can. Five of their children live on their own and only 4 are homeschooling now.

Elizabeth and Rodney
Just a bit of gardening.

Next up are Victor and Misty Plump. Victor is the Pastor of Reset Church. Misty recently retired from a 20 year career as a medical social worker. They have been homeschooling 15 years and have 11 children. When we get together, it is a house full! We welcome them not only for their exceptional character and service but their experience in the special needs community. Three of their children have public school experience, including their deaf daughter who will be graduating next year. Four have graduated and are working in the family business, Wherehouse Fabrics. The Plump family strives to keep the Lord at the center of their busy life.

Victor and Misty

Stay tuned for the introductions of Mike and DeAnna Smith, Melissa Neece, Chris and Faith Howe and Michael and Ana Singleton.